Last year, one of the girls at Button’s daycare bit her on the arm. The situation was handled appropriately, but almost daily — many months later — Button brings it up. “Button, how was your day to day?” “Um . . . ‘LEESHA BIT ME!” she’d respond, with all the condemnation she could muster.

Not only had this become very annoying, but I also was concerned about her unforgiveness. I tried several ways of explaining that she needs to forgive “Leesha,” but it wasn’t sticking. How do you get a toddler to grasp the concept of forgiveness?

One day, as Button was recounting the transgressions of “Leesha,” I responded to her in my best New York mobster accent, “Hey, Button — forget about it!” She thought it was SO funny. So now, whenever she starts to talk about how she was bit, she catches herself, shouts “FAHGEDDAHBOWDIT”, and laughs hysterically.

I like it — not just for her, but for me also. Lately, when I’ve been irked at someone, I’ve caught myself: FAHGEDDAHBOWDIT!