So what’s it like day-to-day for me? Here is an example, based on an average weekday —

5am – rise & shine, and (clap) give God the glory, glory . . .
Pray while curl hair, brush teeth, do makeup, get dressed
Prepare lunch for me and Niki
Make tea and breakfast to go for me
Handle any pressing bills, paperwork, chores
Eat in car while listening to Bible (45 minute commute)
Work: Meetings, briefings, reading, analyzing, and otherwise facilitating the war on terrorism
Pray in downtimes (walking, waiting, etc.)
30 minute workout
Counseling and catching up with friends by phone
Send e-mails to friends near and far
Create programs for church Easter service
Make doctor appointments
Create and send out prayer list to church
Plan and coordinate Easter service
Read, prepare, and train for pastoral licensing
Select and order curriculum for Sunday School
Coach fastpitch pitching (only a couple days/week)
Pick up kids from daycare
Do homework or arts and crafts with Button
Make dinner
Play airplane with both kids
Bathe kids
Grab supplies for kids to take to daycare tomorrow
Get kids ready for bed
Nighttime routine – read kids book, sing songs, pray, and cuddle
Return phone calls
Triage mail
Catch a tv program with Niki
(and sometimes) Prepare guest bedroom and Spend time with dinner/overnight guests
Talk with Niki
9:30pm – bedtime