Lately a couple friends have commented on how well I juggle everything and have asked how I manage to do it. I laugh just thinking about it!

See, I don’t exactly juggle. I learned how to juggle while doing theater when I was younger, so I have some appreciation for the discipline and control it takes to keep multiple objects in the air at once. The juggler is always in control, precisely aware of every object at all times.

Me, on the other hand — I’m far from being in control. And I’m definitely not aware of every thing I’ve got going on, at any point in time. If I were, I think I’d become schizophrenic.

Instead, I’m more like a video gamer in one of those games where objects drop from the top of the screen and you run a little platform around the bottom of the screen to bounce the objects back up before they hit the ground. I’m mostly aware of the things that are just about to hit the ground, and I don’t think much about the things that are at the top of the screen.

But this leads to one of my perennial struggles — the tyrrany of the urgent shutting out things of greater importance. For example, answering a phone (urgent) rather than playing airplane with Button (important). I deal with that by placing my high-priority things (God, Niki, kids, family, friends, etc.) in a constant “about to hit the bottom” status so they always get attended to first. But I’m not always successful. Good thing everyone is so forgiving so I can start the game over, right where I left off.