I attended a pastors’ training conference this past week. One of the exercises for our team was to share with the group a hypothetical testimony 3 years from now of an imaginary single mom who joins our fellowship sometime this year. I was designated to be the one from our team to give the testimony.

“This will be fun,” I thought. I planned on acting out the testimony with as much attitude as some of the girls I used to work with when I ran an inner city theater program.

But then I felt a nudge from the Lord. “What’s the purpose in hamming it up?” “To give these pastors a good laugh,” I thought. The Lord proceeded to bring to mind friends who are single moms, how much He loves them, how much they suffer, and how much He grieves for them. With gentle conviction, He followed up: “This is no laughing matter.” “You’re right, Lord.”

Instead of dramitizing the testimony, I delivered it as though it was the testimony of one of those friends the Lord brought to mind. The other pastors said they were very moved by what I said. After I explained that it was the testimony I hope my friend — an not an imaginary person — has in 3 years, the pastors gathered together to pray for her. I had goosebumps. And as we were praying, I felt the Lord again: “Aren’t you glad you didn’t exchange this for a cheap laugh?”

Oh, yes, Lord. And may the hypothetical testimony I gave be a prophetic word for what my friend’s testimony will by in 3 years.