I’m still learning to pick up on those promptings of the Spirit; those still, small nudges from God that lead us in the direction He wants us to go. You’d think that by this point, I would get it. But I still miss it from time to time.

Like this past weekend. Our church was fellowshipping over dinner, and some friends who had visited that day shared that they really missed taking communion. I responded that we usually take communion about once a month, and maybe we’d do it when they visited next. Whoa — I missed it! But the Spirit gave me another opportunity — as I was contemplating how to dispose of the na’an we’d had with dinner (unleavened Indian bread), He brought the communion comment to mind. We used the leftover bread to have spontaneous communion.

And another one — last week a friend told me she was frustrated because she couldn’t get her car out of the ice in her parking space. She asked me what she could do to get it out (since I have so much experience with ice and snow). Even as I told her that she probably couldn’t get it out because she didn’t know how to drive in ice, I missed the nudge to go over to help her out. It was an opportunity to act out the Good Samaritan parable by putting my agenda for the day on pause to help someone else. But I missed it.

I imagine discerning spiritual promptings is a lot like playing catch. After you miss a couple balls and take ’em in the face, you learn to move your mitt.