So I’m working on this “new attitude” thing. Letting God search me, test me, and point out anything that offends Him. Gotta say, I haven’t liked what He’s seen. There’s a whole lotta “Ick” in me that I have to deal with.

One thing the Lord pointed out is that I’m misusing the gift of perception that He has given me. (Oh, it’s so humbling just to recount this). He showed me that there are some circumstances in which I can see red flags in people’s decisions or actions, and sometimes I want “to be right” more than I want those red flags to be wrong. Ugh — ICK. So awful. He didn’t give me the gift so I could be right; He gave me the gift so I could do something about what I perceived — namely anything to make those red flags be wrong (like praying). If at God’s prompting I pray, advise, or do something else to make sure the red flags don’t come to pass, then He gets the glory. If I do nothing but wait to be right, then I get the glory. And God isn’t in the business of giving me glory at all.

If I abuse this gift, I’ll lose this gift. I gotta roll up my sleeves and deal with this Ick.