God is teaching me to operate more in things of the spirit. I asked for this — that I would know better when He’s speaking and leading. But I guess the process has been more humbling than I thought it would be. I think I estimated I was better at this than I actually am.

For example, I was reading some Scripture the other morning and two verses stood out to me as ones a friend would want to hear, given all she’s going through. But I got distracted throughout the day and didn’t email it to her or tell it to her when we spoke on the phone. No big deal — they were just two nice verses. Nothing special compared to all the other verses I’ve passed her way in the last 6 weeks.

Two days later, Niki came home and told me the Lord had given him some Scripture for my friend — it was the same two verses I had found! I was floored. And convicted. Guess they weren’t just another couple-a’-nice verses. Guess it was God wanting to say something to her. And if I wasn’t going to say it, He was going to use someone else. Come to think of it, I bet all those other couple-a’-nice verses weren’t just me coming up with things to make her feel better.

I imagine this is going to be a long learning process for me. To recognize that a small thought/prompting/whisper in my spirit is actually the living God, to identify it when it happens, and to act on it accordingly.